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Boydd Products, Inc.

First established in 2014 by retired Sergeant Jim Boydd (Corona PD, CA), Boydd Products provides fellow law enforcement professionals access to affordable ballistic protection, tactical communication equipment and high quality training courses. Boydd Products is an authorized 3M/Peltor, Condor Outdoor, Paulson and MOHOC distributor. Working directly with these and other quality manufacturers, BPI is able to offer discounted and competitive pricing for both low and high volume orders. In 2017, Boydd Products Launched its own line of rifle plates and compact ballistic shields. Boydd Products is also the sole manufacturer of "Pat Down Props" and National course presenter for CRTI. Boydd Products is a CA Certified Disabled Veteran & Small Business Enterprise (DVBE & SB #2012750).

The Carotid Restraint Training Institute  

CRTI by Boydd Products was launched in January of 2013 and is an active National instructor course presenter. Since 2013, CRTI has provided instructor training for more than 700 law enforcement trainers from over 200 agencies nationally. The Carotid Restraint force option is not a "Respiratory Choke Hold" but rather a Vascular Neck Restraint. VNR techniques protect the vital structures of the neck and maintan the subject's ability to breathe during application. 

Pat Down Props  

Boydd Products, Inc. is the sole manufacturer of "Pat-Down Props." These props were designed and developed by Jim Boydd in 2013. Pat-Down Props are a replicated weapons & contraband training kit specifically utilized for searching, scenario and perishable skills based training. Pat-Down Props is a registered trademark of Boydd Products, Inc. and are patent pending. Pat-Down Props are sold by several law enforcement product retailers in the USA and abroad.    

Boydd Level III & Level IV Hard Armor  

In late 2016 Boydd Products launched its own line of affordable lightweight rifle plates. Boydd's plates have been independently tested to NIJ 0101.06 standards to include drop testing, dunk testing, back face deformation and perforation. Tested by authorized NIJ testing laboratories (Oregon Ballistic Labs & Chesapeake Labs) Boydd's plates performed exceptionally well. Using an innovative approach to trauma reduction, Boydd's unique plates are backed with a professional sports grade high impact polymer material and are infused with Microban for anti-microbial properties.  

Boydd Compact Ballistic Shields  

In early 2018 Boydd Products will launch its new line of affordable, compact & lightweight Level III & IIIA ballistic shields. Boydd's shields have been independently tested to NIJ 0108.01 and NIJ 0115.00 standards by OBL for ballistic and stab resistance.Using an innovative approach, Boydd's shields are completely boltless to reduce the risk of secondary projectiles or weak areas in armor often associated with mounted hardware and drilled holes. Boydd's Compact Ballistic Shields are patent pending.  

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CA Certified Disabled Veteran & Small Business Enterprise (DVBE & SB #2012750)