"I really learned from this course. Being a small female in law enforcement I was able to see these techniques actually work on men twice my size." V.R. Bakersfield PD, CA


"I recently attended your instructor class in Olathe, Kansas. Last night I was able to perform the hold and it worked great (intoxicated subject resisting). I used the standard hold and before he was rendered unconscious, he gave up. Just wanted to say thanks for the great training." Sgt. M. L. ESPD, MO


"I have been teaching Defensive Tactics/Carotid for almost 20 years and I still learned something to bring back to my agency and implement." Capt. J. M. RSO, CA

"Outstanding, thank you! Complete program that covered all areas associated with the CRCH to deal with possible risk management concerns. I am generally critical of training and this course is simply great." T.S. Norfolk PD, VA


"This was a good and objective class that definitely broadened my knowledge of the CRCH. This will enable me to be an effective instructor. The medical information was a must!" R.C. Virginia Beach PD, VA


"I thought I knew about the vascular neck restraint, but after this course I realized that I only knew about 5% of what was taught here. This is an outstanding class and I believe every single officer in the USA should learn this."​ G.T. West Palm Beach PD, FL​


"That was some of the best training I have ever attended. I am glad to see someone has taken the initiative to bring back these holds/restraints and stressed the importance of them in the law enforcement community. The training was what I expected. I was fully engaged mentally and physically." P.P.  Kansas Highway Patrol, KS


"Outstanding instruction. One of the most well instructed courses I have attended in 20 years of law enforcement." K.H. Vacaville PD, CA

"Excellent use of applied technique backed with solid research and training. I loved it." S.G. Story County Sheriff, NV​

"Excellent! This class filled a void in our training. We have used another neck restraint technique but consider it obsolete with the popularity of MMA. Honestly the best DT class I have taken. Looking forward to passing this training on to our Troopers."B.G. Kansas Highway Patrol, KS

"This training fills a critical gap in control options that most agencies need to fill." S.V. Castle Rock PD, CO​


"This class has the potential to save lives of both the officers and suspects. The level of skill and knowledge of the instructors is the best I have had in 16 years of LE experience." A.L. Vacaville PD, CA ​


"It seemed the most current information available was used in this course. The amount of hands on application was excellent." N.D. Brea PD, CA


"This was my first neck restraint class. The material offered was valuable to me and I am excited to be able to present this to my agency. Thanks." P.F. Okeechobee County Sheriff, FL

"This was  a well taught course on a high liability but highly effective law enforcement tool. Both instructors were dedicated to helping students succeed and effectively teach the Carotid Restraint Control Hold to their own department personnel. I highly recommend all Arrest and Control or Defensive Tactics Instructors attend this course." ​C.B. Arcadia PD, CA

"Great class. Provided current medical studies as backup for the techniques taught. Class was tailored to Law Enforcement Officers. Provided good control techniques that stand up to civil & criminal liabilities and scrutiny."  J.M. Johnson County Sheriff, KS

"This course covers everything expected to know to use and apply out in the field. Instructors were very knowledgeable and demonstrated the CRCH in a proficient manner. Very good course." E.P. Brea PD, CA

"Fills a niche where there isn't much other instruction offered. The instructor did a great job researching and documenting relevant data..." C.D. Huntington Beach PD, CA

"Great course, very informative. Learned a lot of valuable information. Can't wait to take this information back to the jail. Thank you." L.O. Riverside County Sheriff, CA

"Relevance, instructor experience, teaching ability, patience and the variety of applications and escapes were good. Excellent instructor course on an often quickly taught part of defensive tactics. I feel much better equipped to train officers in this valuable law enforcement tool." M.S. Montclair PD, CA

"Fills a hole in current law enforcement training. The course provided materials, knowledge and techniques to support its application. Very effective and well thought out." ​D.P. Arcadia PD, CA

"This course was safe and met the program objectives. I hope to bring this back to my agency for approval!" ​R.D. West Palm Beach PD, FL

"Great explanations, demonstrations and hands on practical application. Excellent course. We want to send 2 more to the San Diego course." C.C. CA Dept. of Corrections  ​


"Although having taught this technique for many years, this class provided me with some improvements for my teaching and gave invaluable backing of medical facts." A.H. Chandler PD, AZ

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