Today's law enforcement officers are encountering an increasing number of individuals experiencing chaotic and agitated events including excited delirium syndrome.  Many are under the influence of new designer drugs such as spice and bath salts. These individuals often experience violent psychosis, demonstrate a high tolerance for pain, exhibit superhuman strength and endurance, and fail to properly respond to police presence and verbal direction. They can be difficult to control and are usually subdued after multiple force options have been utilized or exhausted, or superior manpower finally prevails.

Prolonged confrontations with law enforcement often results in allegations of excessive force, negative public perception, decreased officer safety, extensive injuries to suspects and officers, workers compensation claims, and an increased risk of in-custody death syndrome.

When attempting to control dangerous persons, or individuals experiencing extreme agitated psychosis, the Vascular Neck Restraint (e.g. Carotid Restraint Control Hold) provides properly trained officers an alternate force option to blunt force trauma or multiple exposures to electronic control devices. This technique allows officers to gain quick and effective control of these individuals who are generally not responsive to standard arrest and control measures or less-lethal devices.


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