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Boydd Products, Inc.

First established in 2014 by retired Sergeant Jim Boydd (Corona PD, CA), Boydd Products designs & develops innovative products and provides fellow law enforcement professionals access to affordable ballistic and respiratory protection. Boydd Products is an authorized Sarkar Tactical and AVON-Protection distributor providing their full line of lightweight ballistic helmets and tactical respirators. In 2016, Boydd Products launched its own line of rifle plates and later in 2018 launched the patented Compact Response Shield. In addition, Boydd Products developed and produced the popular "Pat Down Props" for law enforcement training. Boydd Products is a CA Certified Disabled Veteran & Small Business Enterprise (DVBE & SB #2012750). 

Pat Down Props  

These law enforcement training props were designed and developed by Jim Boydd in 2013. Pat-Down Props are a replicated weapons & contraband training kit specifically utilized for searching, scenario and perishable skills based training. In 2020 Pat-Down Props were acquired by Dummies Unlimited, Inc (manufacturer & supplier of police training products) based out of Pomona California ( and are sold by several law enforcement product retailers in the USA and abroad.    

Boydd NIJ Compliant Level III Hard Armor  

In late 2016 Boydd Products launched its own line of affordable lightweight rifle plates. Boydd's Level III UHMWPE plates are NIJ Compliant and listed. Using an innovative approach to trauma reduction, Boydd's unique plates are backed with a professional sports grade high impact polymer material and are infused with Microban for anti-microbial properties.  

ARC's Compact Response Shield  

In 2018 Boydd Products, Inc. designed, patented and launched a new line of affordable, compact & lightweight rifle rated ballistic shields. The shields have been independently tested to NIJ 0108.01 standards by OBL for ballistic resistance including special threat ammunition. Using an innovative approach, these shields have no drilled holes or hardware fastened in the armor which can cause weak points or secondary hazards.In 2022, Armor Research Company, Inc. of Las Vegas, Nevada acquired the exclusive rights to the Compact Response Shield. All inquiries regarding ARC's Compact Response Shield should be directed to Armor Research Company. (

New Products Coming Soon - 2024/2025!  

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